Your donations provide essential funding for this unique arts organization in Oklahoma. IAO receives some funding from foundation and corporate sources. However, it is our intent to remain a grassroots organization in order for us to retain freedom of expression and for the ability of the membership to make choices most suitable to the nurturing of contemporary art in all media and for all artists in Oklahoma.


Donating supports an arts space for:

  • visual arts exhibitions and performances

  • original theater, videos and films

  • poetry projects and programs

  • workshops and seminars for encouraging and supporting artists and writers

  • networking and mentoring for artists, collectors and friends of the arts

Please join us right now in encouraging artists, supporting the arts in Oklahoma and making a commitment to freedom of expression and the nurturing of the human spirit. IAO is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity organization. All donations are tax deductible to the furthest extent allowed by the law.


See our profile on GiveSmartOKC to learn more details about our organization and the impact you can make, through a detailed level of transparency.



To donate today, complete the online form below, or mail checks to:
IAO Gallery, 706 W Sheridan Ave, OKC, OK 73102.


Thank you for your support






Donate to Allied Arts OKC. IAO is proud to be a member organization of Allied Arts, who supports our programming with yearly allocations, and frequent grants for IAO to sustain programming. Allied Arts is a non-profit that sustains local non-profits by leveraging private, corporate and individual donations to allocate and grant to several agencies. By giving to allied arts, you not only support IAO's programming, but multiple arts organizations that serve our community.




Shop Amazon Smile! Do you use Amazon? Visit and choose IAO as your charity. A percentage of your purchase through Amazon will be donated to our organization at no cost to you. Shop and give back to our artistic community. 






A way to help IAO thrive long term with your donation is do donate to our endowment through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. This fund was established through memorial gifts in honor of Oklahoma City artist and IAO member Linda Jaeger to encourage others to support the organization.