Supporting experimental and thought-provoking artists of all disciplines and creating space for artists to impact the community.


IAO started as a grassroots organization in 1979. Founded by three poets, the vision was to create an organization to support a group of artists who went against the grain.

Since then, IAO has grown to become the bastion of creative freedom for Oklahoma’s artistic community, with a space that supports programs for poets, visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, dancers and more. The space hosts events for artists, our community, and shares the space with non-profit organizations. We focus on developing quality, inclusive programming with artists who push limits, experiment with media, ask challenging questions, and who bring a different perspective.



With an interdisciplinary focus, a physical location and conceptual freedom for artists to experiment, IAO is rich soil for growth. Artists, creatives, and individuals have the power to come together to create lasting community changes. IAO is that space.


Individual Artists of Oklahoma has a working volunteer board, half of whom are artists. Each board member contributes financially at some level, as well as devoting time to programming and to secure donations from our community. IAO's board members also chair committees, including those that oversee programming areas.
2017-2018 Fiscal Year Board of Directors:

spontaneous bob (David Smith), President
Brandon Seekins, Vice President
Joe Hopper, Treasurer
Jennifer Dennis-Smith, Secretary
Angie Lapaglia
Rev. Sheri Dickerson
Angela Hooper-Smith
Mason Grimes
Adam Lanman